2011 News Update
Between celebrations, we anticipate fun times with our little granddaughters as they explore the gardens, chase
butterflies and pick bouquets for Grandma!  The gardens will be a playground of opportunity with peels of laughter
and moments of wonderment…so much to look forward to!  

As the garden season commences, we wish you garden blessings of your own.  Appreciate the beauty around you
and don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers!
Proud Partners with the Sac County Barn Quilt project:
Sac County Barn Quilts established in 2005 with a spirit of community
cooperation and rural pride. As a county-wide approach to tourism, it
combines a desire to promote tourism while preserving Iowa¹s agricultural
architecture with the homespun charm of quilting. Fifty-five barn quilts now
cover the county and we are proud to have the Double Aster pattern on
the south end of our Sears and Roebuck barn.
For more information about the SacCounty Barn Quilt project, go to:

The Iowa Gardener’s Travel Guide is a cumulative
directory to Iowa’s gardening establishments, including
retail garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses and
public gardens.  The first of its kind, the guide
assembles contact information and unbiased
commentary for 106 of Iowa¹s retail horticultural
establishments (including our garden). The cover shot
will look familiar – it’s a photograph of the Prairie
Pedlar!  We are happy to be part of Kelly’s publication
and encourage you to get a copy for yourself.  

We have them at the shop, or review the book at:
Go to www.odebolt.net to discover why we are proud to call
Odebolt home!   Grab a lunch in town and bring it to the garden, fill
up for gas, or visit our community for the annual Creek Days
celebration in June.  You will quickly discover it is a special place to
Read at his Celebration of Life Service on
September 11th
Since his retirement 18 years ago Dad has spent nearly every sunny day with us at the Prairie
Pedlar. There¹s surely a part of him in every corner of the garden and we will cherish his memory
at every turn. We¹ll feel the warmth of his love in the sweltering summer sun. Dad liked it hot. The
hotter the better. He insisted the weeds died better when the temperatures sizzled near the
century mark and it was not unusual for him to be dripping wet when he finally came to the barn
for a break. We¹ll see Dad's smiles and twinkling blue eyes in the faces of all the flowers because
he was always happy. Dad¹s positive attitude taught us all to appreciate life and family time. He
garden. Dad cherished working along side his grandchildren at the garden and delighted in
teasing the PP staff to remember to plant "green side up". We¹ll hear his hearty laugh in the
sound of the tumbling waterfalls. Dad¹s laughter rolled easily from him and was contagious. His
good nature and friendly demeanor made everyone who knew him feel good. We¹ll remember his
roar of laughter that echoed as loudly as the clanging bell in the wedding gazebo. We¹ll sense his
humor when we remember his funny stories and teasing ways. We¹ll find his rock solid faith in the
massive stone boulders that edge the gardens. His love of Christ was evident in the way he lived
his life and loved others. We¹ll rediscover his patience in the steady rhythm of the falling leaves.
We were so lucky to be able to count on Dad¹s reliable presence, dependable assistance and
unwavering encouragement on a daily basis. We¹ll appreciate Dad¹s handyman talents that are
evident on all kinds of building and repair projects that he completed at the garden.
Dad's love for chocolate and willingness to be the first to taste-test anything homemade. His sweet tooth will make for sweet memories
each time we gather for a meal. Dad was truly a daily blessing to our lives. He grew deep family roots and planted seeds of inspiration
seasons, all chores and all people. If there is a garden in Heaven, I¹m sure Gramps has already sharpened his trusty hoe!
2012 News Update
As another growing season springs forward, we are blessed with the addition of two beautiful grandchildren to our family. Our third
granddaughter was born in October and will just be ready to crawl when summer arrives. We expect the grass to tickle her fancy in
the garden as she explores the boundaries of Nature. We also welcomed our first grandson in January and look forward to
adventures involving wiggly worms, warty toads, and splashy mud puddles in the years to come. Each new beginning is a reminder
of the miracle of life and the precious gift that grandchildren are!

We’re wishing for warm spring rains to replenish the dry conditions of late last summer and to rehydrate the thirsty plants that
endured Iowa’s wintery mix of thaws and freezes.  The calendar is full of events at the Prairie Pedlar and we look forward to the
busy schedule that keeps us weeding and watering in between hours of planting and mowing. It is during these simple chores that
we daydream endlessly of new garden musings that make the Prairie Pedlar our dream come true!  And we wish you a similar
sense of peace and satisfaction in your own backyard as you celebrate the success that comes from hard work and a bit of
We look forward to the 2011 growing season with an
energy and enthusiasm that is as perennial as the
flowers that sprout in the garden. Spring will kick off with
a fury of scurry! Greenhouse tasks mixed with retail
responsibilities and building projects will fill each day to
and we are anxious to share our gardens with the
couples who have chosen to be married in our garden
sanctuary.  As we make ready for each celebration, we
are reminded of the holiness of the occasion, and we
trust that at each “I Do” moment, the hearts of each
couple are “nearer to God in the garden than anywhere
else on earth.”
NE Barn Project
Straightening a barn roof is no easy task. Our son, Tyler, and son-in-law, Adam, could have been construction
engineers. They made it look easy as they winched, jacked, and braced the roof back into place.  Covered with
steel, it will now preserve the integrity of the barn for years to come.  Barn siding and pouring lots of cement
are next on the agenda when time and weather permits.
P. Buckley Moss Paints Prairie Pedlar!
Another garden blessing has come to be! Renown artist, P. Buckley Moss, has just completed a limited edition print of the Prairie Pedlar,
entitled "Bouquets of Love". It's been a very exciting process to watch the artwork evolve this fall! We are thankful and thrilled that Pat
caught both the spirit and beauty of the garden with her charming and distinct style.  "Bouquets of Love" would make a lovely Christmas
gift for a gardener and an extra-special anniversary gift for anyone who has been married at the garden!

Additional thanks also goes to Susan Rix, proprietor of the Finishing Touch Gallery in Carroll, for submitting Prairie Pedlar photos for artist
considerations. Susan celebrates her 26th year in the framing business this season, and throughout those years she has become a
prominent Moss dealer in western Iowa. Susan will welcome Pat to her gallery on November 10th for a print signing. Moss enthusiasts can
purchase a print and have it autographed and personalized by the artist at the same time. We look forward to meeting Ms. Moss on
November 10th. Join in the fun and get some early Christmas shopping done, too!

The giclee print has a limited run of 250 prints - the image measures approximately 8 x 14 inches long and retails for $90.00 plus tax
($6.30). Susan is taking orders for the print now. Payment is needed to reserve a giclee. Check or cash are accepted. If you want it
signed by Pat when she is here on the 10th, Susan will hold it for you to pick up that day. To reserve your print, stop by the Finishing
Touch Gallery at 715 N Court Street in Carroll or call Susan at 712-792-6665.
2013 News Update
2013 proved to be another challenging growing season. A spring time of consistent weekend rain showers kept us from getting flowers
planted in a timely fashion. Those showers also dampened the first few wedding celebrations on the calendar but those were definitely
weddings to remember!  The moisture was a welcome reprieve from the drought conditions we endured last summer and fall so we let
the puddles soak in and waited for the sun to return - and it did - in searing fashion! Rains were sparse for the rest of the summer and
we ran sprinklers 24 hours per day to keep the grass green and gardens looking pretty.

Our weekends were devoted to marriage celebrations as we hosted 21 garden weddings from June 1 through October 12th. In between
weekends, we mowed, watered and weeded but we especially enjoyed visits from our grandchildren (and their parents). We are up to
five now with our newest grandson arriving last December. That makes five under the age of four and they are all growing like weeds!
We celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday at the garden in July and enjoyed extra family members home then, too. We feel so blessed that
we can mix in family time with our busy garden schedule. We look forward to sharing the joy of gardening with our little ones as soon as
they can dig a hole and plant a flower! There are, indeed, many life lessons to be gleaned in the garden and we can hardly wait to plant
some seeds of faith and optimism in them, too!
More 2012 News
Ready! Set! Grow!  We’re off and running as the 2012 garden season gets underway.  Early sprouts and a mild March makes for a
bustling start to our 27th year in business. (And we’re hoping this weather is not a false start to spring!) Watch for the Prairie Pedlar
in numerous spring magazines: Flea Market Gardens, Vintage Style, AAA Magazine, Hobby Farm Home magazine, and the Iowan.
We appreciate all of the coverage and look forward to new prospects that the publicity may generate.  We are excited to have a
straightened roof line on the NE barn and look forward to more improvements on that structure this season. Our 8-sized granary is
nearing completion with a new wrap-around porch and great recycled windows that are currently being installed. This grand garden
entrance is a welcome addition to the retail setting and we can hardly wait to utilize it this spring. Our son, Tyler, has been the main
handyman and we appreciate his hard work and long hours of service.  The greenhouse benches are full and growing – Deb is
working her magic with hanging baskets and inspiring containers, and the gift shops are filling with new and re-purposed
merchandise.  The calendar is marked with many annual garden festivities and numerous weddings. As we aim to make the Prairie
Pedlar a picture perfect place for magazine photography and marriage celebrations, we count our blessings and relish in the grand
opportunities that our garden has provided for us. Get ready  - set - race you to the garden!

2014 News Update
Keep Calm and Garden On! While there seems to be challenges already mounting on the 2014 gardening season that hasn¹t even
started, we have not lost heart. One of my favorite anonymous quotes is "He who plants a seed, Beneath the sod; And waits to see ­
Believes in God." Unwavering optimism is common ground among gardeners and we intend to press ahead despite growing conditions
that may be less than ideal. Mother Nature manages to even things out eventually and while we were shorted with rain from July until
the ground froze, we imagine there will be spring rains that will quench the thirst of trees, shrubs and perennials that have endured a
dry and bitterly cold winter season. This is, after all, Iowa, and this state has very unpredictable weather patterns. We've learned to
take what we get, be thankful for all of those blessings that only God can provide, and assist Mother Nature wherever we can. One
thing is for sure ­ a garden is worth the work, and the rewards far outweigh the difficulties it takes to get to the end result: a bit of
Heaven on earth!
2015 News Update
2015 is Here! Traditionally, the swapping out of calendars allows a moment of reflecting and celebrating what has been, while at the
same time looking forward to the possibilities of the year to come. It's the bridge between the past and present, where what has been
accomplished is in the memory books, and what is in store appears as promising as ever.  One thing is for sure: it’s going to be a
season of change at the Prairie Pedlar and we are stirred with feelings of both disappointment and gratitude, mixed with great joy and
anticipation of the many opportunities that are before us

Much to our regret, Deb Bettin has chosen to spend her spring time with her family. She is a busy wife, mother and grandma, and she
shoulders much responsibility in their farming operation, her church and community.  We cannot thank Deb enough for the nine years
she devoted to our greenhouse business. Her talents and design work will be sorely missed, not to mention her pleasant demeanor
and loving spirit that welcomed many customers each spring. What’s more, Deb is a dear friend and we don’t anticipate that will ever
change. Thankfully, we have had many years to observe, take notes, and glean from Deb’s talent as a container expert. It is our
intention to continue creating stunning container combos and creative floral work at the Prairie Pedlar. This spring, more than 100 new
varieties of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs will complement the favorites we grow each season. 2015 is bound to be a year full
of adjustments as we are at the threshold of new duties and routines without Deb’s assistance. While we are disappointed that the
doorway that she has graced for so long is closing, we’re certain that the Prairie Pedlar will find creative new ways to flourish.

On a much happier note, what is truly a window of opportunity for our business and family opened last August. It is with great joy that
we welcome our daughter, Janna, and her family back to the area. Janna, her husband, Adam, and their two little girls, Clara (6) and
Nora (3) are taking up permanent residence at the garden! If you drive by to see what’s new on the horizon, you can’t miss the 3-story
Victorian Painted Lady house that has been moved twenty-five miles to the acreage. Renovation is underway and the family hopes to
be living there by springtime. More importantly, Janna’s horticulture background is a welcome bonus to the business and she will
continue to keep our plants healthy and flourishing, just as she has done for the past several years from a distance. Her passion for
plants is contagious and her energy and enthusiasm is unrivaled.  But perhaps the best part of this deal is the ‘presents’ of two
granddaughters in the neighborhood - a blessing beyond measure!  

Also to be noted:

*Our wedding calendar is nearly full for 2015. Each weekend celebration is an opportunity to share our gardens with wedding guests
who might not otherwise visit the Prairie Pedlar, and outdoor ceremonies are a great chance to dazzle and delight visitors.  

*The Prairie Pedlar will receive mention in AAA Living Magazine that offers tourists and travelers recommendations of must-see
attractions. We are humbled to be included among their Iowa garden reviews.

*It is impossible to determine how effective our social media presence is but we were thrilled to receive an email last summer from a
trade publication, Independent Garden Centers. The magazine's associate editor stated: “We came across photos of your garden
center on your website and Facebook page, and we thought your beautiful store would be perfect for our ‘Merchandising With Style’
feature. Your eye for merchandising would no doubt inspire our readers!”  We are looking forward to photo opportunities this spring
and eventual publicity in another magazine!
2016 is Going to Rock!
Spring can’t come soon enough – there is so much to do and even more to look forward to!

I’m not sure how we accumulated so many fieldstones over the years but we have a quite a rock pile! It’s time to find a permanent place
for them in our landscape. Several raised beds will be reconstructed to utilize these as the retaining walls. I can’t wait to get started on
that project!

We also have a plant line-up for the greenhouses that really rocks. There are so many plant breeders with new introductions that we’ve
had a tough time narrowing down our plant list for this spring.  The greenhouses heat up the first week in March and we’ll start playing
in the dirt again. We will have a new greenhouse dedicated to perennials and the numbers are record-breaking. We will have more
perennials for sale this spring than we have ever had before, so please, come and check them out. You will be wowed!  

And there’s one more thing about rocks: plans are underway to have a rock band perform in the garden this summer! Stay tuned!

2017 News Update
The new 4-lane Highway 20 project is scheduled for completion in late summer (2018). Currently the north lanes are open for travel in
both directions and the road to the Prairie Pedlar is a welcome improvement!
2018 News Update
Branching Out in New Directions
2018 promises to be another great growing year! Over the past 33 years, we can think back to many defining moments and
decisions that helped our business grow. This season marks growth in a new and exciting direction, too. Our daughter, Janna, has
ventured out on her own and is starting a complementary wholesale business. She brings years of great experience growing plants
for others and seems most comfortable in the wholesale marketplace. As we watch her branch out in this new direction, we see plenty
of room for growth and change in the years ahead. Her new 30X100 greenhouse will see plants come and go before the first
customers even arrive to shop for plants at the Prairie Pedlar! Her wholesale business will double plant production at the garden, so I
anticipate having my fingers in the dirt for a long stretch this spring! The greenhouses will provide a frenzy of activity for three
months and I expect to slide into wedding season in June with a sense of accomplishment and promise of more good things to come!
2020 News Update
The Craziest Start to Spring EVER!

This spring marks 35 years since we planted our first seeds at the Prairie Pedlar and began cultivating a passion that grew into a
business bigger than we ever imagined. And through the years, we’ve learned that gardeners have an unwavering optimism, which
is sorely needed this spring more than ever. My hope that the coronavirus would be a distant memory by mid-April was wishful
thinking! Since it was recently announced that the socializing restrictions will remain in place throughout April, there will be some
changes in our spring calendar at the Prairie Pedlar. There will be no Lunch and Learn this April. In addition, we will be moving our
annual Spring Open House back a week to May 2nd and 3rd (instead of April 25-26, the traditional weekend we have celebrated for
more than 20 years).

It is certain that fresh veggies instill good health, flowers help brighten neighborhoods, and gardeners dig it. We encourage
everyone who loves to get dirt under their fingernails to stay positive - it isn’t time to plant annuals outside yet in Iowa (our last frost
date is May 15th)! Take a deep breath and enjoy the nurturing spirit in our your own backyard as you ready your garden beds, trim,
weed and prepare for another glorious growing season! I would encourage all of you to “like” our Facebook page, Prairie Pedlar
Gardens, to receive regular updates on shopping options, new plant varieties, greenhouse specials, and gardening advice.

The Prairie Pedlar will be open for business on April 1st as usual, with numerous precautions. Being an establishment that sells food
including vegetables and herbs, the greenhouses fall into the essential business category and can remain open for customers who
are looking for plants to grow this spring.  Your patronage and support means a lot to us and will help keep our business growing for
many more years to come. You are welcome to call or text 712-830-4403 and we’d be happy to accommodate you however we can.
And lastly, our thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Be healthy and stay safe in coping with the Covid-19 danger and