“Gardeners are graced with unwavering optimism,a happy heart, and a genuine appreciation
for Nature.  It was, perhaps, a desire to embrace these wholesome values with our children
that first lured us to the garden.  The sanctuary we have discovered nurtures our family's spirit
and brings out the best in all of us."

-- Jane and Jack Hogue


The Prairie Pedlar Gardens have been featured in numerous books, magazines, and
newspapers including the Iowan in 1988 and the premier issue of Country Living
Gardener in 1993. For six years, the magazine included Jane's column, "Kindergarden",
which linked children with charming garden activities. .

As a member of the Garden Writers Association of America and previous association with
the International Herb Association, Jane has lectured across the United States and in Canada.
development and simple projects for the young at heart.
Speaking at garden seminars, conferences, flower shows, county fairs, herb festivals, and civic clubs is an opportunity for
me to share my Prairie Pedlar experiences and knowledge of gardening with others. I am happy to accept these invitations
whenever possible.  Of course, there's no substitute that can replace a lecture in the gardens where visitors can see, sniff,
and touch the herbs and flowers that I speak of.  However, if a visit to the Prairie Pedlar doesn't work for your group or if
you are looking for a speaker for a special event, please inquire.  I do charge a speaking fee, plus travel expenses
(lodging if necessary.)  Topics are limited only by your imagination, and below are some of my favorites.

Planting For Perennial Perfection
Each spring, gardeners are confronted with more perennial varieties than they possibly have room for. This program
highlights the Prairie Pedlar’s ten-most-wanted list, discusses plant selections for continuous blooming succession, and
mixes in some charming plant lore that will personalize some of the best plants available for Iowa.

Growing And Using Herbs
The pleasures of herbs are countless. A discussion of more than eight herbal theme gardens will reveal the unique diversity
of this group of plants. A dose of herbal folklore and revelations of herbal remedies make herb gardening a passionate
hobby. Herbs have the fragrant, flavorful, and colorful capacity to delight our senses and enhance all aspects of our lives,
from our gardens and our homes to our food and our spirits.

Picture Perfect Gardens
In 23 years, the Prairie Pedlar has evolved from a humble backyard plot to a magical country retreat where more than 75
theme gardens are arranged on a seven-acre farmstead. Amid cornfields and bean crops, the Prairie Pedlar has become a
haven for Iowa tourists and garden enthusiasts. Jane’s enthusiasm for gardening and her creative energy – mixed with lots
of luck – has garnered publicity for the Prairie Pedlar in four national gardening magazines over the years. She is happy to
share how her “picture-perfect garden” came to be.

Ornamenting the Garden
Gardens are essentially personal spaces where what YOU like is what counts. Jane will take a fresh look at decorating
outdoors with a host of ideas that are achievable, affordable, charming, and great fun. The art of ornamenting a garden lies
in recognizing the visual potential of everyday things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the garden is a great place
to express your personality and artistic flair.

The Art of Gardening
Applying four basic elements of design - space, texture, shape, and color - all gardeners can achieve balance, harmony and
unity in their backyards. The discussion will include suggestions for garden design, plant selection, under plantings,
blooming sequences, and successful floral combinations to achieve continuous color.

Garden Myths – Or Not
From generation to generation the garden has provided us with food for the family, medicinal herbs, and flowers to sweeten
the home. The importance of the garden in the lives of our ancestors has made it a place rich in tradition and superstition. It
has also given rise to a great store of practical wisdom relating to the general care of the garden and its plants.

Entertaining in the Garden
Here’s a discussion of creative ways to entertain guests in your garden.  We celebrated our daughter’s garden wedding at
the Prairie Pedlar on 07/07/07 and have slides to discuss the details of preparing a garden for a special day of company.  
From garden weddings and family reunions, to bridge club and civic or church meetings, your backyard can provide a bright
spot for people to congregate. Learn how to emphasize what’s best about your garden and how to develop small focal points
that will wow visitors.  Well-placed accents used in extraordinary ways will make your event a memorable one. As always, the
devil is in the details!