This spring, we’re excited to introduce many new annual flower varieties and perennials. The majority of our
greenhouses are dedicated to annual flowers, hanging baskets, and one-of-a-kind containers. A series of
classy potting benches display a variety of appealing containers with garden statuary and nature accents
tucked into the mix to achieve an English greenhouse style.  Endless possibilities of flower combinations,
container creativity, and spectacular hanging baskets make this greenhouse a gardener’s delight.

We are dedicating a new greenhouse to the expansion of our perennial line-up. Great collections of heuchera
and hosta are set apart from rows and rows of perennial flower selections.

Another greenhouse showcases heirloom tomatoes and garden vegetables, along with a comprehensive
collection of herbs that are included in the mix.  Vegetables are trending to the top of planting preferences and
many families are growing their own food again. It’s a great family hobby with time well spent achieving the
ultimate goal of bringing healthy food to the dinner table.

A variety of unique shrubs are also available at the Prairie Pedlar. Choosing the right shrub to anchor the yard
is a fundamental task. Let us help you discover your options.  Our supplies are limited so come early to benefit
from the best selections of roses, flowering shrubs, and evergreens,.

As the weather allows, our plants will spill outside into the protected areas around the greenhouses. We also
offer a design area where customers will be able to lay out their plant selections to get a visual idea of how they
will look at home.  Bring your dimensions if you have a new garden space in mind and we’ll help you select the
perfect plant combinations.
Link to 2021 Retail Plant List