Today, more than seven acres are grounds for 30 display gardens, a large refurbished bow-truss barn, a
country school house, and several other buildings. A splash of color has transformed the acreage into a
magical place where the simple joys of nature are shared and appreciated.  The Prairie Pedlar has become a
haven for Iowa tourists and another peaceful retreat for area visitors.  
A Garden Folly serves as a nostalgic retreat for visitors who would enjoy a rest stop in the flower garden.
Here they will find comfort on the porch swing and quilt-laden lawn furniture.
More than 30 flower beds are neatly arranged into theme gardens that delight visitors throughout
the summer. Each garden plot is a history lesson that explores the utilization of plants spanning
generations. Whimsical and primitive accents will amuse you, while informative signs are posted to
help guide you through the gardens.
Garden Tour
Guided lecture/tours are also available for groups/organizations of ten or more, from late June until frost.  We
share plantlore, identify theme gardens and flower varieties, and explain the history of our gardens. In
addition, visitors can view the drying rooms and see the everlasting flower harvest in progress.  We would
prefer that appointments be scheduled for early mornings or late afternoons to avoid customer interruptions,
however we will try our best to accommodate the group's scheduling plans. Please allow one and one-half
hours for the complete tour. The gardens generally reach their peak of color in mid
-July and remain colorful
throughout the growing season. Many of the perennial flowers are in full splendor by late June, but the annual
varieties (including many of the everlasting flowers) bloom later in the month of July. No tours are
recommended after September 30th. Charter buses are welcome.
Restroom facilities and a picnic area are provided.