Green Team
Kids Club
The Green Team, Prairie Pedlar’s garden club for kids, is taking a more youthful approach this season. We are initiating a
‘Caterpillar Club” for children ages 4 – 7. An introduction to gardening and a love for nature will be the emphasis. Learning
exactly what makes plants grow, young aspiring gardeners will learn simple garden tasks, and create a take-home project at
each session. Our goal is to plant the seeds for a lifetime hobby. A garden is one of the best outdoor classrooms of all, and
we anticipate that as the little ones connect with the earth, they will grow deep, not just tall.

Two introductory Caterpillar Club events are scheduled for 2016. Both sessions will run from 9:00am – 11:30 am. The cost
per session is $10 and participants may attend one ($10) or both days ($20). Registration is required and may be limited to a
manageable size. Reservations will be honored on a first-come/first serve basis until the classes are filled.

Wednesday, June 8th
Garden Work and Play – Students discover that a garden requires a little work (pruning, deadheading and watering) to keep
it beautiful. But after the work is done, a garden is a great playground. Children will experience fun flower games and
activities before they complete a garden craft to take home.  

Wednesday, June 22th
Garden Secrets – Learn about the magic of herbs, and discover novelty plants like balloon flowers, sensitive plants and
popcorn cassia. Children will build a fairy house in the garden for others to enjoy and craft fairy favors to take home!

For more information and reservation forms, contact Jane by email ( or mail: Prairie Pedlar; 1609 270th
Street; Odebolt, IA  51458