Gift Shop
We moved our gift shop out of the Sears barn for the 2007 season in anticipation of our
daughter’s garden wedding on 07/07/07.  The lofty barn is now used for receptions, and
catered meals for large groups and weddings at the gardens.   The barn showcases
photography snapped by the area’s professional photographers who have captured beautiful
pictures in the garden. There is also a vintage display of farm and garden tools in the hallway
leading to the public restrooms.

The gift shop is now located in the small, charming utility barn located west of the
greenhouses. It served as our original gift shop in the early years of our backyard business
and was relocated to the acreage in 2006. We call it the Potting Shed. In addition, we have a
couple more retail buildings: the Nesting Place and the Drying Room.

Popular statuary, birdbaths, and garden iron spill  outdoors into the display areas. My love for
antiques has also sent us “picking” for garden relics that will add charm and nostalgia to your
backyard. We sell all sorts of one-of-a-kind antiques for your garden, porch and home.  We
have seen many area antique establishments close in recent years and we hope to devote a
portion of our inventory to recycled finds. Come see what we have dug up!

Our grandchildren
have claimed rights to the little chicken coop that is graced by our roof
garden. It
has become their playhouse but feel free to poke your heads inside – It may renew
memories of a play space you once prided yourself in! Take a step back in time when
children played “house” and relished in make-believe, baking mud pies and fashioning
hollyhock dolls.