Spring Open House this Weekend!!!

We are so excited to share a truly amazing plant line up for 2015.Our greenhouses are bursting with color and the color
combination potential is tremendous. Thanks to our grower, Janna, the flowers have never been prettier. New introductions at the
greenhouse include more than 150 annual varieties and 160 new perennials. Geraniums fill one greenhouse and you can choose
from zonal, ivy and regal varieties. Calliope geraniums offer the best of both worlds. They stand up tall in containers and then trail
like an ivy. Three colors are available: Dark Red, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose. We carry 48 coleus varieties and most do very well
in full sun. From trailing varieties to 3 ft. thrillers, there's one that will work for you! Another greenhouse is dedicated to succulents
and unique succulent combo containers, and yet another greenhouse is home to our perennial collection, herbs, veggies and 4-
pack annuals. Outside, our shrubs and ornamental trees are flourishing. We have 10 varieties of Easy Elegance Roses that true
root roses but a zone hardier than the knock-out varieties. Some of our favorite shrubs include ninebarks, hydrangeas and
weigela. We also offer quick turn shrubs that are younger but grow to maturity in about three-five years. The cost savings is
advantageous if you are a patience gardener!

Join us this weekend to see what's new and growing at the Prairie Pedlar.
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
April thru Mid-October
By Appointment in November and December
Our enthusiasm for the spring season might be contagious! If you are feeling an itch to play in
the dirt or have developed a spring fever that will not subside, you have all the symptoms. A trip
to the Prairie Pedlar is a perfect cure!
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